I believe my interest in fashion began when I was still a little child.

I remember myself playin' with colours, fabrics and paper patterns...


By that time I use to spend my off school time

at my family's tailoring laboratory, watching hand made garments being made.


Two rooms, a large table, rolls of silk and precious fabrics, 
sewing machines...

there everything got started...

I believe fashion is what makes us feel unique, outstanding, different... 

No matter being one step ahead or one step back... as long as you are your self, one step far from anybody else

I believe in what I like more than what any upcoming fashion trend may suggest. I love to sketch, to draw, growing projects...

I design and make clothes, bags, accessories as unique pieces, limited editions, exclusive items hardly seen elswhere..

Just enjoying....probably, or just a need to express myself...

I believe in quality, rather than cheap prices; I believe in creativity and ideas; I believe in uniqueness.

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