I've being working in the leather goods industry for over ten years and grown my experience in the field of accessories, mostly handbags and small leather goods for women and men collections.
I worked as designer as well as product developer, where I mostly enrich my skills and technical knowledge on product, on development of items, getting to know all steps of the process of sourcing, sampling and product engineering.
I have a good knowledge of materials and production process, not only on fully handmade and crafted items, but also on industrial process and products.
I had the chance to collaborate with diverse products and brands on several markets and price points, such as high end intems, as well as premium goods on mid market position, to fast fashion industrial products, which allowed me to gain access to diverse production sites: from the highly skilled craftsman italian manufaturers to industrial estates in Far East and India.
I grew up within a small family business producing high quality apparel as unique items and this my own background allowed my interest in fashion and gave me the attention to quality and details.
Do not hesitate contacting me fo any further enquiry, will be glad to answer any of your questions.















_ Tremd analysis and seasonal key trend setting;
_ Material briefing and details on seasonal colors, details, key items;
_ Inspirational mood boards and collection structure;
_ Sourcing briefing;
_ Comunication briefing.
_ General key sketches;
_ Line building;
_ Collection planning according to seasonal briefing from category management and sales feedback;
_ Technical development.
_ Sourcing and development materials, components and details according to functional product requirements;
_ Sourcing of manufacturing and suppliers matching seaonal collection targets of quality, pricepoint, workmanship;
_ Follow up sampling and step by step prototypes improvement, technical and quality check, product engineering;
_  Follow up materials development and status;
_  Final quality check and pre-production engineering.
Italian: mothertongue; English. fluent; German: fluent; Spanish: fluent; French: B1 level.