Creative Support & Design


Creative support at all steps of design process:
_ sourcing of seasonal main trends, identification of collection themes:
first step of development is to identify the crucial themes of collection among the upcoming seasonal trends. Collection main themes are picked up among the upcoming fashion trends and are selected to be representative of the new season, of the brand image, the product and comunication of the brand.
_ the seasonal moods are set up starting from trends to outline the guide lines of the new collection: main colors, accent colors, key seasonal styles and volumes, material and accessories, highlights.
_ realization of seasonal breafing to establish the focus of sourcing and highligts.
_ development of collection sketches.
_ supporting the process of collection and line building according to price range/level, image selling cannel…
_ supportino the design team throughout  supporto sketches and tech-pack development:
it is crucial to establish, still from the very early stage of development, which might be the coming difficulties, tecnica problems within the sampling and prototyping, so to achieve the desired product for image and pricepoint.
_ follow up at any step of samples development and support to design team on styles correction.