Sourcing & Product Development















The first step of collection development is focused on coordinating designs briefing to technical development. The purpose is to identify what could be the technical difficulties or hidden problems related to new products.
I support companies at any step of product development and prototyping, the correction and technical improvement on samples till the final pre-production items and the engineering to better quality and process:

_ sourcing of all materials, accessories, trims, applications or special highlights for the collection:
The first step of sourcing is focused on picking up the materials not only according to their image, but based on their availability on the market, their origin and pricing points.
_technical support on materials and accessories development:
leather, textile, accessories, hardware pieces, special trims.
_ coordinating the different steps of prototyping with the sampling room and producers.
_ corrections and technical improvement on sampling and quality control at any step of process.
_ costing management and final engineering of product before bulk production